Women’s Comics Month 2018

We’re doing it again!

March 2018 is Women’s Comics Month at Challengers!

In conjunction with Women’s History Month, we’re holding Women’s Comics Month and we are highlighting female and non-binary comics artists by inviting local talent to one-day tabling events that are happening every Saturday and Sunday of the month of March, so every day will be something unique and exciting.

Our hope is to fill every Saturday and Sunday with 3 creators, so check back as this list grows, but here’s the schedule thus far:

Saturday March 3
Rachel Bard
Isabella Rotman

Sunday March 4
Lucy Knisley
Sarah Becan
Corinne Halbert

Saturday March 10
Megan Gedris
Sage Coffey
Emi Tolibas 

Sunday March 11
Stephanie Mided
Rosie Accola

Saturday March 17
Wolf Lopez
Melissa Sue Stanley
Rebecca Rothschild 

Sunday March 18
Natalie Andrews
Leslie Perrine

Saturday March 24
Lizzy Tiritilli
Ashly Powley
Andrea Bell

Saturday March 31
Bianca Xunise
Jessi Zabarsky


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